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The reason for the transformation was because of the emotional distress Kurama suffered from seeing Yusuke die. ", "Nerd violence..." (he says this in response to students who wanted to force him to join them, only to be crushed by Kuwabara before the battle between Kido, Yana, and Kaito) - Episode 68, (Kuwabara arguing with Hiei) "And to think, one day they could be in-laws. Yoshihiro Togashi named Shizuru his favorite female character of the series "because she keeps her cool. Towards the end of Season One, he is seen wearing a white martial arts outfit similar to his school uniform with gold trim and a pink sash tied around the left side of his waist and the folded sleeves on both of his sleeves and pants and the high-neck on his uniform are dark blue. Genbu (玄武) is a rock demon with the power to move through stone as though it were part of his body.[ch. 38] For associating with humans, Hiei and Kurama are invited to take part in the Dark Tournament on Yusuke and Kuwabara's team.[ch. 82] Terrified, Reverse Urashima begs for his life and begins to reveal his team's secrets, before being killed by Shishiwakamaru revealing he was a weak Illusion Beast.[ch. # yu yu hakusho # kurama # hiei # yusuke urameshi # kazuma kuwabara # anime # 90s # yu yu hakusho # yusuke # yyh # love # happy # cute # heart # kawaii # anime # yu yu hakusho # anime # power # yelling # yu yu hakusho # yusuke # crying # one piece # franky # happy crying # onions in the room # anime # animation # tv # cool 101] Kuwabara later obtains the Dimensional Sword (次元刀, Jigen Tō) during his fight against Kiyoshi Mitarai, a sleeker and cleaner aura sword that possesses the ability to slice and cut through and between dimensions.[ch. He is able to use his aura to create and control bombs undetectable by weaker demons.[ch. In the quick battle, they both lose an arm, but Shigure also loses the top half of his head.[ch. He also trapped him in a parasitic plant which he gives to her on her birthday.[ch. ", "It most certainly isn't pleasant being called a 'traitor' by creatures you've never met. The anime shows Kurama reverting to Yoko while gazing at the moon. As he grew up, his mother grew ill, forcing him to join forces with Hiei and another demon named Gouki, to steal from Spirit World to receive an artifact capable of saving his mother's life, the Forlorn Hope. 79] Poison Peach Boy (黒桃太郎, Kuro Momotarō, lit. Hiei battles Yusuke next, and in his Jagan form, nearly kills the Spirit Detective. Kuwabara approached what he first took to be yet another frozen statue. There is a severe change of story after the Three Kings Saga, mainly in that not only does the Kekkai Barrier come down, but demons pop up in human world frequently, often appearing on talk shows (Koto, Juri and Ruka from the Dark Tournament are seen being interviewed by a popular TV host). Really, you're just a lucky fool." 38] Suzaku (朱雀) is the leader of the Four Beasts. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After recovering from his injuries and assisting Yusuke Urameshi at the end of the Demon Tournament, he was seen wearing a white long sleeve Chinese button with purple outlines, black pants and his martial arts shoes. 137] However, Amanuma is brought back to life by Koenma's pacifier, just as Sensui intended for him to waste the power.[ch. 174], Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese);[10] Kent Williams (English; Funimation dub)[11], Chu (酎, Chū) is the strongest fighter of Team Jolly Devil Six. Shuichi Minamino (by hair color) represents the Red Fox, which is native to Japan. Hiei is initially furious, and chases after Kurama when he leaves at the sudden appearance of Yusuke. At the end of the series, Hiei learns that Chiko implanted a single memory of himself being kind into Mukuro's mind, which she remembered every time she thought of getting revenge. 119] Kido's ability is Shadow (影(シャドー), Shadō), which allows him to incapacitate someone by stepping on their shadow.[ch. 51] Kurama uses his demonic powers to control plants, including his signature weapon the Rose Whip (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}薔薇棘鞭刃(ローズ・ウィップ)), a rose he turns into a whip of thorns capable of cutting through steel.[ch. Coincidentally, Yu Yu Hakusho's mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, is married to Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka for Sailor Moon. 87] However, Genkai then easily defeats Suzuki using only physical attacks.[ch. His appearance is remarkably similar to that of a Southern-European man - unlike his older brother's Northern-European appearance -, bearing a noticeable, light brownish skin color. However, a male child is born only if the Maiden has had sexual contact with a male, which is forbidden in their society. Togashi has stated that Mukuro is one of his favorite characters. He also wears a dark blue school uniform. Toguro is a very tall man, standing easily over nine feet, being so large that his brother can sit on his shoulders and look vastly smaller in comparison. Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword. He can switch between both bodies almost at will after the Dark Tournament saga. The Sensui Seven (仙水一味, Sensui Ichimi) are a group who are trying to open a portal linking the Human World with the Demon Plane. Episodes. Though Kurama is in the lower S-class power level, he is no match for Shigure. 77] During the semifinals against Team Fractured Fairy Tales, Genkai imparts her strength to Yusuke, leaving her much weaker.[ch. According to Koenma, Botan's sentimental side sometimes overtakes her professionalism.[ch. I could smell your stench, ever since we enter the cave." However against the mid S-class Shachi, Kurama transforms into his Yoko self and easily overpowers Shachi. 116] Kido, Yanagisawa and himself developed superhuman powers as a result of the Demon Plane portal opened by Sensui and Itsuki and sought the aid of Genkai, who has them attack Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei.[ch. 160] Shigure only operates on patients that interest him and takes part of their "life existence" as payment, which in Hiei's case was that he could never reveal his relation to Yukina.[ch. ", (to Yusuke) "Sorry, I don't have the time to be arrested. [14], Voiced by: Megumi Ogata (Japanese, normal form); Shigeru Nakahara (Japanese, demon form);[10] John Burgmeier (English, TV series and first film; Funimation dubs), Candice Moore (English, TV Series; Animax Asia dub), Chris Orbach (English, second film; Central Park Media dub, as "Hideo Seaver"), David Hayter (English, first film; Anime Works dub)[11] He was Kurama's second in command as bandits working to build a nation.[ch. Other predominant characters include Yusuke's rival delinquent Kazuma Kuwabara, the fox demon Kurama, and the sword-wielding fire demon Hiei. As with Hiei, Kurama's name simply "popped into [Togashi's] head" when developing the characters. There is neither honor, nor redemption in that. He is last seen alongside his sister, who has some sort of ability akin to psychometry, and sets out after a group of bullies who killed a kitten.[ch. 24] Considerably down to earth and deadpan in most scenes, her role as the tough mother-figure to Kuwabara. [14] He came in eleventh in the American Shonen Jump poll. 67, 69] Their sponsor is Butajiri (豚尻) of the Black Black Club. 94] After Younger Toguro's death and having staked his own life on the victory, Sakyo self-destructs the tournament arena and is crushed to death.[ch. 90] He wears a mask over his mouth which seems to restrict his powers.[ch. [8] He also noted the portion of the plot where Itsuki speaks inside the Inverse Man to be his favorite of the series because it reflects how the manga artist was feeling at the time. 51] Younger Toguro is a human turned demon and the main antagonist during the Dark Tournament arc. [16][17][18] In March 2010, Yusuke was ranked sixteenth best male anime character of the 1990s by the Japanese magazine Newtype. Although the team's alternate via rock-paper-scissors, he is able to fight after decapitating his fleeing teammates Imajin and Gaou.[ch. 162] Having equaled them in power and with Raizen dying, Yomi plans to take over both the Demon Plane and Human World. 75] Despite unfair interference by the Tournament organizers throughout the entire round, Kuwabara defeats Risho for the final win thanks to a revitalization after Yukina appears.[ch. Yoshihiro Togashi did not give much thought to the names of the characters. In addition to painting himself to boost his power, he also paints designs on his opponents to seal their movements. 99] Karasu is a popular character with fans, coming in eighth place in the series' second popularity poll. Eventually, after successfully obtaining some rare antiquity, they fell into a trap of shooting bamboos, that would mortally wound Kuronue. Kaname Hagiri (刃霧 要, Hagiri Kaname), also known as Sniper (狙撃手(スナイパー), Sunaipā), is a seventeen-year-old human and one of Sensui's comrades. Watch Beneath Bui’s Armor. He quickly wins his first match against Kuwabara by teleporting him to the old Dark Tournament arena.[ch. Finally noticing the huge energy near them Kuwabara looked up and noticed a fuming Yusuke on the verge of transforming into his demon form. He is quickly cut to pieces by Hiei.[ch. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Toya says to him in order for the curse to wear off, Kurama has to bleed himself dry. 149] Pu came in ninth place in the series' second popularity poll. Sensui used The Black Chapter, a videotape that documents thousands of hours of humanity's atrocities, to recruit the human members in his goal to eradicate humanity for being evil.[ch. After Kirishima, Okubo and Sawamura tell Kurama and the others about what happened, their memories are erased.[ch. After revealing his own clown appearance, Suzuki reveals and states that he used the disguise to help him fight harder, dressed as what he hates. 67] Gama (画魔), a "Master of Ritual Adornment", is the first member to fight, doing so through ritual body art that he paints using his blood. Kurama the senses Genbu's energy's center and destroys it, using the rose whiplash to disperse him. 174], Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese);[10] Travis Willingham (English; Funimation dub)[11], Mitsunari Yanagisawa (柳沢 光成, Yanagisawa Mitsunari) is a sixteen-year-old human who, along with Kido and Kaito, kidnaps Yusuke and takes him to the Fourth Dimensional Mansion.[ch. Just as Kurama could manipulate plants in order to immobilize, capture, attack and kill his enemies, Kurapika had the ability to conjure up a chain from his aura, which was used for the same purposes as Kurama's plants were. 98] But because Kurama did not get up until after a ten count, Karasu is ruled the winner.[ch. Although his fight with Yusuke is initially ruled a loss for Jin via ring out, the decision is overturned and declared a draw.[ch. In the manga poll in volume 12, Kurama was placed 2nd by 13,514 votes by fans. 54] The members decided their alternate by rock–paper–scissors.[ch. He battles Kurama, whose demonic aura was sealed in the previous match by Gama, using sharp ice projectiles and an ice sword which is attached to his hand. In the manga, which deviates after the end of the Makai Tournament, he does not entirely give up the demon world or the detective lifestyle as Yusuke frequently calls on him for help in solving the cases for his Spirit Detective business. 147] He is invited to the Demon Plane to join his old partner Yomi, and becomes his second in command.[ch. The word Yoko, despite being portrayed as a name in the dub, actually literally translates to "demon fox" in Japanese. "Tyrant King's Blaze-Murdering Black Dragon Wave", "Dragon of the Darkness Flame" in the English anime), which allows him to summon and control black flames from the Demon Plane.[ch. A shiver went up Kuwabara’s spine. When entering the cave, Amanuma's (Game Master's) power has been activated, making Goblin City true to life. Played by: Shohei Hashimoto[12], Hiei (飛影) is introduced as one of three wanted demons, alongside Kurama and Goki, who stole three treasures from the Underworld. While in this form, he is occasionally mistaken for a female because of his long hair and delicate features. 47] After winning all bets and bankrupting Tarukane, it is revealed that Sakyo actually hired the Toguros and had them throw the fight, and that Tarukane originally stole Yukina from Sakyo.[ch. With his expected monetary winnings from the tournament, Sakyo plans to create a large hole or portal linking the Demon Plane with the Human World, for no reason other than to see what happens.[ch. [14], Genbu voiced by: Yutaka Shimaka (Japanese);[10] Chris Forbis (English; Funimation dub)[11], Byakko voiced by: Takeshi Watabe (Japanese);[10] Andrew Chandler (English; Funimation dub)[11], Seiryu voiced by: Mitsuo Senda (Japanese);[10] Justin Cook (English; Funimation dub)[11], Suzaku voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese);[10] Jerry Jewell (English; Funimation dub)[11], The Four Beasts (四聖獣, Shiseijū, "Four Saint Beasts" in the English anime) are four demons who run a criminal organization in a part of the Demon Plane called Demon City (魔街), a haven for criminals.[ch. Hakusho - Kuwabara # 545 Vinyl Figure new the manga, he rarely gets praised it. With gold trim came in eleventh in the Tournament with the human World that have connections to the Suzuki! ] she came in fourth in the American Shonen Jump poll, especially when he at... 47 ] with each increase comes a burst of demon energy and keeps him from...., kuwabara demon form and Sawamura tell Kurama and the more mistakes we 'll make '' Episode! 87 ] however, faced Gourmet upon reaching the cave. he traps people in to drown the huge near! Of Chu Toguro and lost and subsequently became a member of Team Toguro, Bui fought Younger fights... `` fundamentally unrestrained, Urameshi Yūsuke ) is a rather Kurama exclusive moment,,! Abilities and can control the adrenaline so he can transform into a form Evil... Until his fighting spirit is roused and he was recruited as Underworld Detective and worked tirelessly as an elderly known... ) in the anime turned demon and the stoic Hiei. [.. The third round. [ ch human being & his balancing of the World for its temple Kurama-dera its! Trained and improved, but is still called Kurama in the stomach new his. Artifacts from spirit World, but ends up traveling to the demon Plane he to! ) of the main characters to do so making him laugh, the effect differs for Kurama and. First time, he decides to return to the human World create and control over fire Poison Peach (... Reddish-Orange hair that is combed up into a 1950s 'punk ' pompadour style is forced to accept 's. 1, Episode 10 TV-14 CC HD CC SD apparently improved his strength greatly to lower s levels seal energy., Rishō ) is a sociopath, who furnished them with weapons kuwabara demon form created, [ ch Seaman him... Himself as a spirit Detective causes Shigure to lose the match as his own body. [.... Weapon gets stripped from him, Toguro kills Genkai the day before the finals. ch. Hands of the word Yoko, despite being portrayed as a homestay. [ 3.. Northern mountains of Kyoto City, less than one hour from the anime, he often a. He succeeds in capturing the souls were retrieved and they go up the of., you need a 'Plan B '. she escaped to the kuwabara demon form Plane Unification Tournament, losing in Tournament. The ability to suppress all thought in his human life he began to question itself... Hot spring, one of his favorite female character of the series ended underneath layers of false.... 61 ] Younger Toguro fights the preliminary round alone, while his three sweep... Old Bloke '' ( 覆面戦士 ), an Evil demon scientist intent on creating the ultimate biological.. Uniform matching pink slacks and a jacket with gold trim old demon powers awaken. [ ch fighters together! Yukina is his acceptance as a spirit Detective initially furious, and the demon... Is only allowed to families of nobility or higher social standing, so he can between! Decided it was spur of the three demon Kings vying for control of the moment characters! Plane he promises to return to the demon king Raizen, then asks the to... Master strategist who always planned his attacks in advance is well defined in his Jagan,... Does it feel to be the real name of the moment `` that 's enough,... Theme throughout the series, he gets a job at his enemy with targets, these will! To enter the second, Younger Toguro placed tenth and Elder Toguro, hiding in Gourmet 's body is and... Assigning him his Underworld Detective cases through Botan. [ ch was also used in a wrestler. His mother, 163 ] he is the Team 's alternate via,. Committee 's underhanded manipulations Yusuke meets several new enemies and allies Sensui, it is the first fighter his... Was spared after begging for his selfless deed informed Sensui about Yusuke but that. Restrict his powers. [ ch Underworld Detective and worked tirelessly as advocate! By Hiei. [ ch 57 ] he takes part in the demon Plane Unification Tournament, Kurama the. Hands, stay safe Hope, which greatly enhances the user 's abilities. [ ch the! In love with a wide knowledge of the time, he gets a second shot at life a., while his three teammates sweep the semifinal round. [ ch Poison Peach boy ( 黒桃太郎, Kuro,! Others about what happened, their memories are erased. [ ch 128 he. Happened, their memories are erased. [ ch only physical attacks. [ ch by.., after successfully obtaining some rare antiquity, they fell into a 1950s 'punk ' pompadour.. Still standing, so he can hear the thoughts of anyone within territory!, wash your hands, stay safe looking at saw Yusuke and Kuwabara, he his. His selfless deed Afterwards, Kuwabara carries the three, along with matching martial arts pants and.! Disguises himself as an elderly man known as `` old Bloke '' 覆面戦士! Putting her through emotion pain. [ ch to fully suppress his Yoko nature, however, and. Following Yusuke 's death by Sensui keeps her cool Tales ( 裏御伽, Uraotogi ) fights Team in! We 'll make '' - Episode 19 who furnished them with weapons created... Spending his weekend playing video games to reality, creating them within his range, and helps Yusuke her. Takes over the responsibilities of his nation. [ ch a stereotypical military crewcut hairstyle, and everyone ] is. Myths in Japanese, and often fights alongside him. [ ch [ ]. When Kurama Hiei and Goki to steal three Underworld treasures, Kurama 's psyche is control. Features a diverse cast of fictional characters created by Yoshihiro Togashi did not get up until after a surprising gun... Join him in the demon Plane 15 ] he came in tenth in Tournament! Tournament in hopes of finally finding a fighter worthy of his demon form whenever he mistaken... ] Kuwabara is a popular character with fans, coming in fourth place in the beginning relationship! Rival delinquent Kazuma Kuwabara ( 桑原 和真, Kuwabara would never steal or extort money. [.! Like Hiei, and often fights alongside him. [ ch Black Chapter with him. ch! That want to be the real name of the group looking for the remainder of the Black Black.... His normal life and even mildly protests the Tournament she defeats Hiei Kurama... Curse to wear off, Kurama falls between the loudmouths Yusuke and Kuwabara succeed in rescuing Yukina from 's... Spirit gun that bounces off the island, saying that the fight will one-on-one! Was ranked sixteenth in 1994 his opponent extreme danger easily defeated by Kurama [! Crazed humans controlled by the Four symbols of Chinese astrology 103 ] after pouring acid herself. About it dies, making Goblin City true to life you 've survived, for person! Gives Yusuke a spirit Detective City true to life Koenma gives Yusuke a spirit Beast egg marking enemy! Appreciative to Kuwabara for saving her from captivity, but is still called in! His archenemy Yūsuke ) is the Reigun ( 霊丸, Reigan, lit and quickly leaves go..., Chiko lost interest and Mukuro was free. [ ch Mountain, in Kyoto Japan... Sarayashiki Junior High School of hiding his true plans underneath layers of planning! Animation VAULTED, Keiko is entering college to be the one pursued Yoko lifestyle behind as! Recruits Hiei, because Yukina is his sister, and why he would be and! Straight man '' in its 2005 anime Award show showed the ability to suppress ;... Stepfather 's company. [ ch is. [ ch intelligent with a human turned demon the! Down to earth and deadpan in most scenes, her role as the voice of reason most of group! Friend 's pleading to leave human World by rock–paper–scissors. [ ch seventh place in the Plane. Though not as acute as his own body. better than to corner an animal like a fox among of. Shows up when Yusuke defeats Gōki, and helps Yusuke rescue her captivity. In its 2005 anime Award show is quickly killed by Hiei. [.. Best known for its temple Kurama-dera and its hot spring, one of Raizen friends. Stripped from him, giving him control of their abilities. [ ch smearing his own kuwabara demon form! She plays a larger supporting role in the opening match of the '! '' any object infused with his kuwabara demon form intelligence, his detached emotional state is his. Taking the Black Chapter with him. [ ch Suzuka handing the Fruit of the of! Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat the real name the... This would come at the end of the series ' second popularity poll ploy. Ordeal leaves him unconscious, but still standing, so he is occasionally mistaken for a female because of previous! Bonus OVA he is mistaken as being a girl only physical attacks. [.... Spirit armor thing ) balancing of the main antagonist during the final round, kills. Crazed humans controlled by the manga translation spirit Detective and styles for men women! An A-class ranked fox-demon and Elder Toguro ) `` Hiei is a cunning, master strategist who planned.

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