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What does an emergency room nurse do in the US? Find something that can pique the interest of your professor. Hot Topics in Pediatric Nursing. The RCN is encouraging members to join a week of free online webinars offering support and advice. Interventions in 11 to 16 year olds in supporting suboptimal diabetes control. Here is how you control your blood pressure at home. The benefits of music theraphy. A third hot topic that is being discussed in nursing is the potential nursing shortage and nurse to patient ratio. Ethics problems that are making nurses quit. Ethics is vital for the foundation of nursing. Three effective pregnancy prevention methods. Nurses to patient patio is most interesting because of the nursing shortage. 50 Good Nursing Research Topics. Indeed, nursing leaders recently have seen success in the implementation of spiritual principles by practicing mindfulness meditation with their patients to both manage and relieve stress. It is scary that nurses have to pick up all that extra work because when they are running around trying to do a million things at once, that is when mistakes happen. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. How to deal with abusive patients as a nurse. Here are some topics about mental health that are relatively easy to tackle: Every one of these evidence based practice nursing research topics is a hot potato. Why don’t you shed some light on topics such as: If you like children and you want to make a difference, there are some pediatric nursing research topics you can write about right now. How to protect against Parkinson’s Disease? There are many controversies surrounding certain practices and opinions are split. They want you to be original. They want to be surprised. Choosing a familiar topic helps a great deal since it predisposes you to do quality work within a short period. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 3 million RNs in the nation in 2019, and employment of registered nurses is projected to grow faster than the average for all professions from 2019 to 2029. Then why not write a nursing essay on a topic about women’s health? I have to write an Issue paper for school on something thats considered a hot topic among nursing. When taking care of 5-6 patients at a time, delegating tasks to individuals such as PCA’s will provide safer and more efficient care. PHD Thesis Topics In Nursing: 20 Suggestions From Experts. Social media and it’s effects on children’s psychology. This topic is relevant in nursing for effective patient care. Selecting an essay topic is like laying a foundation for a skyscraper. Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession. However, the grade you can get on such a paper can be great for your GPA. Effects of music therapy in pain relief on children during phlebotomy. Do nurses have contractual relationships with patients? The problems with the telemedicine system. Here are 3 HOT TOPICS that are on the forefront of controversy in nursing: 1. The nursing shortage seems like a great topic to discuss. While researching controversial issues in nursing, I found many current hot topics that are widely discussed. The second hot topic I found in nursing was co-producing health with heart failure patients. The list isn't a final one and I will add more research proposal topics for nursing students. Discuss with your seniors what they wish they could find out to further their own practice as … The link between violent video games and mental health. You will have a lot of work to do and it can take you days to complete the essay. Why? The topic I find interesting is delegation. It’s difficult to do, but try to find nursing topics that are focused and narrow. ( Log Out /  With the constant changes in the medical field it is important for nurses to be up to date with medications and technologies being used in the hospital. Remember that your research must bring value the. I find the issue of delegation interesting because as a nursing student, I am a recipient of delegated tasks, and I realize the importance of strong, clear communication. Hire a project writer. The latest news for and about nurses and other healthcare professionals, including today's headlines, news analysis, NHS long term plan, workforce, professional regulation, research and innovation, and policies and guidance. There are many tasks that nurses delegate to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP), and the effectiveness and outcome of the delegated task depends on the nurses ability of “assigning the right task, to the right person, at the right time, with the right directions and communication, and the right supervision and evaluation” (Anthony & Vidal, 2010). Do you know about something that should be changed? Education. Staffing Ratio (number of patients per one nurse) Why is it an issue? Anthony, M., & Vidal, K. (n.d.). NHS Hot Topics. 46(1):57, January/February 2021. Copyright 2013-2021 — Professional Writing & Editing. This is becoming a problem because the doctors are prescribing the exact same discharge plan for every heart failure patient which is controversial with patient centered care. Nurses should receive bonuses related to patient outcome. The role of nurses in improving medical services quality. When doing research on the best way to perform a clinical task or what information is relevant based on nursing skills, evidence base practice provides peer… At PHD level, you have already identified many issues that need to be addressed. They are trending right now. Here are some of the topics we consider to be the best candidates for an A+ paper: These research topics in nursing are an excellent choice for many students. Get your 20% discount on a nursing writing assignment with promo “ewriting20” – and enjoy your college life! It is, therefore, difficult to narrow down to a specific topic. Three symptoms in the ER that medicine can’t explain. And remember, the topics are 100% free, so you can use them right now as you see fit. What does it take to improve nursing care? Private nursing homes are the best choice. The topic for the nursing research paper must be original and very interesting. I think continuing education among nurses is very important. What are Phantom Pains and why do they appear? The topic of delegation has become a current issue due to a shortage in the healthcare workforce, and nurses are picking up heavy workloads which can result in an increase in the amount of tasks that the nurse feels the need to delegate. I like the nursing shortage topic, especially because you can then include the delegation topic as increased delegation is a result of a nursing shortage. Nurses have so many responsibilities, and often work long shifts and are over worked. Here are the controversial essay topics you can try your hand at: These nursing evidence based practice topics are related to elders. 2 Feb 2021 RCN responds to NMC guidance to help employers fairly manage concerns about nursing practice As you probably already know, academic writing has a very large set of rules and guidelines that you should strictly abide by. This law requires hospitals to hire enough nursing staff so that a minimum nurse to patient ratio is met. What causes antibiotic resistance in children? These are the topics that don’t really fall into any of the categories above: The role of the nurse in palliative care. Show Less . Here are some ideas for you: Perhaps you consider healthcare management lacking. Wouldn’t you get bored reading papers on the same nursing research topics over and over again? A patients nurse is held responsible and accountable for all actions and care that is expected to be provided, regardless of whether the nurse is the one who carried out the action. From the Junior Doctor contract to the impact of Brexit on the NHS, find out what the current NHS hot topics are and what to discuss in interviews - with example questions on every page. Standard. Here Is a List of Nursing Essay Topics That We Have Prepared for You. Limiting long night shifts and focusing on individual patients. I would like to hear more about the nursing shortage. Beal, Judy A. MCN, The American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing. It’s pretty simple actually; professors want something new. Most students are writing their essays on the same couple of topics, and this is driving professors crazy. Here is one more list of the nursing topics for research paper. By doing so, the quality of patient care improves and the nurse is able to spend more one on one time with each patient.

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